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Vol. 72/No. 14      April 7, 2008

100-plus subs to ‘Militant’ sold in four days
(front page)
March 26—Supporters of the Militant sold more than 100 subscriptions the first four days of an eight-week campaign.

From truck drivers discussing how to resist the rising costs of fuel and maintenance, to students getting involved with the Socialist Workers 2008 election campaign, to workers organizing for May 1 actions to demand legalization for immigrants—there are thousands of potential new readers of the socialist press across the United States.

This week, there are many discussions on the job about the speech by Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama on race, as well as ongoing discussions on the capitalist economic crisis and how workers can defend themselves .

The book Cuba and the Coming American Revolution is available for only $5 with any subscription—new or renewal. The special offer will help those who want to learn more about the revolutionary socialist perspective presented in the pages of the Militant.

“Supporters of the Militant in Seattle got off to a good start on the first day of the drive,” writes Edwin Fruit. “We went to a post office in the Black community, a Mexican food store, and a neighborhood near the University of Washington.” Six people subscribed that afternoon, and two more renewed their subscriptions that night at a meeting to raise money for the Militant Fund.

To get involved, contact distributors near you listed on page 8.

Spring Militant Subscription Drive (as of March 26)

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