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Vol. 72/No. 11      March 17, 2008

‘Militant’ to launch sub, fund drives
The Militant will launch its spring circulation and fund drives March 22. Efforts to win new readers on campuses, in factories, and in working-class neighborhoods will coincide with a campaign to raise $100,000 to keep the Militant publishing.

The Militant carries unique coverage of the big political questions being debated out in the 2008 presidential election race—from U.S. trade policy, to the escalating imperialist war in Afghanistan and Pakistan, to the issue of immigrant rights, to the disproportionate impact of the capitalist economic crisis on working people who are Black or Latino. As a workers’ paper, it depends on contributions from its readers to keep coming out week after week.

There are special opportunities to expand the paper’s readership at campus speaking engagements for the Socialist Workers Party presidential and vice-presidential candidates, Róger Calero and Alyson Kennedy. Many of the young people who attend such events will be willing to donate to the paper’s fund drive, as well.

Subscription sales and fund-raising among meat packers, garment workers, coal miners, and other working people will also be a key part of the drives. A recent team of Militant supporters to packinghouses in Illinois and southern Minnesota sold a number of subscriptions at plant gates and in the community (see article on page 5).

The Militant is a political organizer. This week, a front-page article describes plans for May Day actions demanding legalization of undocumented workers. Partisans of the socialist press can sell subscriptions through their efforts to build these actions. The May Day actions can be a highlight of the subscription campaign, resulting in hundreds of new subscribers in one day.

The spring fund drive, which will run from March 22 to May 18, will raise the money needed to pay the operating expenses of the Militant, from printing and mailing costs, to rent and equipment, to travel expenses for covering such events as the recent Havana International Book Fair.

The Militant’s fall fund drive collected $100,525. The fall circulation effort brought in 2,530 subscriptions.  
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