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   Vol. 70/No. 41           October 30, 2006  
Militant Fund
At week five of the eight-week effort to raise $90,000 to finance the Militant, nearly half is in hand. A concerted effort is needed in the remaining three weeks to collect $15,000 per week, to bring the drive home in full and on time.

The campaign in New York got a boost last week, reported local fund director Róger Calero.

“Manuel Sanchez, a supporter of the paper, organized a Sunday afternoon get-together at an apartment in the Bronx with family members who have subscribed or expressed interest in the paper,” Calero said. After a delicious meal, 15 people watched With our Memory in the Future, a documentary of the Federation of Cuban Women about the gains women in Cuba have made since the victory of the socialist revolution there, and heard an appeal for the fund.

“We raised $165 in contributions and signed up three new subscribers,” Calero said. At a Militant Labor Forum two days earlier people donated $1,700. The event heard Calero and Argiris Malapanis, the Militant editor, speaking on “U.S. Hands Off Venezuela.”

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