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   Vol. 70/No. 19           May 15, 2006  
1,450 subscribe to ‘Militant’ in 3 weeks
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Nearly 600 people subscribed to the Militant last week, bringing the total to 1,450 for the first three weeks of the spring circulation campaign. This calls for increasing the overall goal of 2,000, which at the current rate will be surpassed in a couple of weeks. Many of the new readers signed up at the immigrant rights rallies across the United States.

“On Saturday we sold five subs and a lot of people wanted to speak about the immigrant rights actions,” wrote Carlos Sánchez from St. Paul, Minnesota. “On Monday, May Day, we sent out one table to a march organized by Isaiah, a church-based organization. Five people subscribed. At Powderhorn Park, where another rally was held under rain, 20 people subscribed.” Sánchez says supporters of the paper are planning a similar effort at the Cinco de Mayo celebrations next weekend.

“If this march makes people aware we have a voice, they’ll also see that we have power,” said new reader Alex Mendoza, a student at DePaul University in Chicago. He helped sell the Militant at the 400,000-strong demonstration there. Protesters also purchased 71 books and pamphlets on revolutionary working-class politics. Mendoza himself bought 10 of those.

“More than 800 people attended a May Day rally here in the Town Commons,” said Ross Hogan, a Young Socialist in Amherst, Massachusetts. “About 300 students who staged a walkout at the university joined the rally together with more than 100 students from local high schools and middle schools.” Three subscribed to the paper, Hogan said.

Young Socialists from Albany, New York, participated in a May Day rally in Montreal, a peace rally in Manhattan, and helped to build a May 1 action on the Albany state university campus. They sold two Militant subscriptions in the process, said Ben O’Shaughnessy.

The sub drive’s success can be parlayed into progress on the Militant Fund—now a week behind pace. Last week, $10,000 came in. More than $18,000 is needed each of the next four weeks to meet the $90,000 goal. Please send donations to the Militant at the address on page 2.

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