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   Vol. 70/No. 18           May 8, 2006  
‘Changing Face of U.S. Politics’
is now available in Swedish
STOCKHOLM, Sweden—USA-politikens ansikte i förändring—Arbetarklasspolitik och fackföreningarna (The Changing Face of U.S. Politics: Working-Class Politics and the Trade Unions) the Swedish translation of the Pathfinder title, is now available on the publisher’s web site.

Published last September, it was first sold at the Gothenburg book fair at that time. Two auto workers from the Volvo plant there were among those who each picked up a copy. Since then the book has been a feature on book tables organized by the Communist League and the Young Socialists here.

The two organizations have also held classes on the book. “I particularly liked the class analysis in the chapter on ‘Prospects for Socialism in America,’” said Daniel Nordström, who has been attending the class. “Who the allies of the working class are and who the enemies are. Which groups can be won, which groups, like women and Blacks, have social weight. How different social movements affected the consciousness of the working class. And I liked the chapter on Trotsky’s view of the role of Black workers as a vanguard for the whole class,” he said.

The book has been translated, proofread, and edited by workers, students, and others in various cities in Sweden, who took on this task after their regular hours of work or study. It was formatted, indexed, and given its graphic form by the international volunteers of the Print Project, and downloaded in digital form to be produced by volunteers in Sweden.

So far 47 copies of the 477-page book have been sold or distributed. That includes copies to the seven largest university libraries in Sweden.  
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