The Militant (logo)  
   Vol. 69/No. 8           February 28, 2005  
The caption accompanying the article “Utah miners fighting for union speak at ‘Harlan County’ screening” in the February 14 issue incorrectly said the miners spoke at the screening of the remastered version the film Harlan County, U.S.A. on January 29. The correct date is January 28, as stated in the article.

In reporting on the Nebraska stop of a national speaking tour by U.S. president George Bush to promote the administration’s proposals to “reform” Social Security, the article “U.S. rulers campaign for cuts in social wage” in the February 21 issue incorrectly stated that Bush spoke at the University of Nebraska. The actual location was the Qwest Center, a large convention center in downtown Omaha. The article also said that Senator Ben Nelson is the “only Democrat in the U.S. Senate to side with Bush so far on Social Security ‘reform’” Nelson was the only Democrat to decline to sign a letter to Bush opposing the administration’s proposals and has said he is willing to “hear the president out.” But following a meeting with Bush on the Omaha stop, Nelson said he needs to see more details before deciding whether to back the proposal, the Omaha World Herald reported.  
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