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The Militant this week
Stop the deportation of Róger Calero
Visit the Róger Calero Defense Committee web site: www.calerodefense.org
Packing locals in Nebraska, Iowa, host ‘fight to win’ tour against deportations
Washington prepares intervention in Africa
Troops send to Liberia aimed at stronger U.S. foothold on continent
Tokyo suspends oil deal with Tehran, aiding imperialist campaign against Iran
Iranian students mark anniversary of protests for democratic rights
FBI frames 12 Vieques activists In Puerto Rico
Meat packers strike at Hunts Point, New York, to unionize plant  
Arthur Lobman: SWP rank-and-filer for 45 years
Joined communist movement through struggles against segregation and imperialist war
Perspectiva Mundial
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A socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people
Vol. 67/No. 25July 28, 2003

Books of the Month 
How POUM betrayed Spanish Revolution 
25 and 50 years ago 
The Great Society 
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What did recent elections in Scotland reveal? 
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