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Vol.64/No.7      February 21, 2000 

Is Haider a fascist?

I heard that the extreme right-wing politician Jörg Haider and his party have formed a coalition government with the conservatives in Austria. So I would like for you to answer some of my questions. Do you think that Haider is a fascist like Buchanan? I wouldn't think that Haider is a fascist because he doesn't seem to break from the traditions of bourgeois politics in Austria and because he does not seem to try to build a social movement that will crush the working class in battles. If he is not a fascist, what's the difference between a fascist and him? And how can you qualify him then?

Another question that came to me was how and why did this pattern emerge in Austrian bourgeois politics? And what does it mean for the Austrian and European working class? Why did this shift towards the right happen in 2000 rather than before? And finally, what does this mean to the dream of a unified Europe ("European Union")?  
Dimitris Fasfalis 
Oshawa, Ontario  

Scabs and nonunion labor

The phrase, "600 cops deployed to escort scabs to work" is an error (see front page caption of the February 7, 2000 Militant). We must remember that the Longshoremen are not on strike. As stated in the second paragraph of the article, "the action, called to protest the use of nonunion labor," is absolutely correct. We should be very careful not to confuse readers of the present facts.  
Paul Cornish 
Atlanta, Georgia 
Editor's note: The term "scab" was used because a small number of workers are being escorted through police lines as part of a union-busting operation. International Longshoremen's Association (ILA) pickets and rallies have also made it clear that the move undercuts the union. No one hired to work the Nordana line ship is confused about what is going on. Since ILA workers have unloaded these ships in the past--for more than 20 years--the nonunion longshoremen are in fact working as scabs.

Keep sending 'Militant'

Enclosed is $15 towards the continuation of my subscription to the Militant. I will send you another $15 when I get paid again, next month. Whatever you do, trust me that it's not necessary to stop sending me the Militant. Only the Militant tells me what is the underlying cause of all the evil that is going on on this planet: CAPITALISM....  
A prisoner 
Collegeville, Pennsylvania 

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