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Vol.63/No.43        December 6, 1999 
socialism Join with fighting miners, 
truckers, Puerto Ricans
America Firstism of WTO protests is 
deadly threat; int'l labor solidarity 
is answer to employers' attacks
Photo - see caption below  
Militant/Linda Joyce 
Overnite strikers and supporters rally in Atlanta November 22. Joining battles against the bosses--from the trucking giant ot coal companies trying to gut miners' health benefits--and opposing Washington's imperialist aggression, from Puerto Rico to China, is the only way forward for working people.  
Front page articles
socialism U.S. rulers press trade openings against Chinese workers state 
socialism Puerto Ricans mobilize against U.S. military in Vieques 
socialism Gov't forced to retreat from anti-Muslim campaign in wake of EgyptAir crash 
socialism Thousands rally to back locked-out Steelworkers in Ohio 
socialism 'Making History': four generals of Cuba's Revolutionary Armed Forces speak out Introduction to new title from Pathfinder featuring interviews with leaders of revolution 
socialism Overnite strikers win support in fight for union 
socialism Republicans take the initiative in talks over Northern Ireland Assembly 
Pro-British forces are divided, unable to quell freedom struggle 
socialism Ten years after fall of Berlin Wall, German gov't has failed to bring capitalism to east 
(A Letter from Europe)  
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