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    Vol.63/No.20           May 24, 1999 
July Actions Will Demand Release Of All Puerto Rican Political Prisoners  

CHICAGO - Puerto Rican independence activists and defenders of democratic rights will be organizing four days of action in Washington, D.C., July 22-25, centered around the demand to free all Puerto Rican political prisoners. There are currently 17 Puerto Rican independentistas held in U.S. jails. José Solís Jordán, the most recent Puerto Rican nationalist to be framed up by the U.S. government and FBI, was convicted in federal court in Chicago on March 12. He will be sentenced on July 7. The others are serving sentences ranging from 15 to 98 years.

The activities will include a march on Saturday, July 24, to "publicly demand the prisoners' release," explained Marcos Vilar, an organizer of the event. Sunday, July 25, will mark the 101st anniversary of the U.S. military invasion of Puerto Rico. The island has been held as a U.S. colony ever since. Buses and caravans to Washington are being planned from many U.S. cities.

Those organizing the march are also urging people hold protests on July 7 at U.S. federal buildings in their cities to denounce the wrongful conviction of José Solís.

Both the July 7 and July 22-25 demonstrations are being organized by a united coalition, which includes the National Committee to Free Puerto Rican Prisoners of War and Political Prisoners, Pro-LIBERTAD, the Committee in Solidarity with Dr. José Solís Jordán, and the Interfaith Prisoners of Conscience Project.  
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