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    Vol.60/No.9           March 4, 1996 
Write To Mark Curtis Now  

Almost three months after Mark Curtis was granted parole, Illinois state officials have rejected his application to be paroled to that state. Curtis now has to reapply, he's told, after he formalizes his marriage. The process could take months before Illinois officials will even reconsider his application.

At the same time, three articles the framed-up unionist has written and sent to the Militant over the last two months have not made their way out of the Iowa state penitentiary in Fort Madison. Curtis's administrative requests for an explanation have not been answered by prison officials.

Now is the time for all supporters of democratic rights to write the imprisoned unionist expressing their concern and their solidarity.

A new wave of letters will make it crystal clear to prison officials and government authorities that the thousands of fighters around the world who have fought shoulder to shoulder with Curtis for his freedom will not stand idle as the time of his release is postponed further and further.

We urge all Militant readers to write Mark Curtis immediately, showing their support for his right to contribute frequently to a newspaper that has carried a regular column by Curtis and for his unflinching effort to win his release on parole (see address in front-page article ).

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