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    Vol.60/No.22           June 3, 1996 
Great Society  

What price sexism - "Women are half as likely as men to receive an employer-provided pension, and those who do receive one will get half as much on average as men, according to a survey by the Women's Research and Education Institute." - News item.

Report from Planet Mars - You take Gallup polls as gospel? Hear this: In a survey for Inc. magazine, Gallup found that 90 percent of U.S. workers aren't worried about losing their jobs; 70 percent believe management does what's needed to make the company a good place to work; and 69 percent feel that over the past year they were paid fairly.

Facts can be dangerous - In Birmingham, Alabama, a recently unveiled monument depicts the historic 1963 confrontation between civil rights marchers and cops with police dogs. Declared William Odom, President of the Fraternal Order of Police: "My first thought was, `My God, we don't need to provoke people.' "

"Tell us about it - A 1994-95 survey showed that 41 million U.S. people had trouble getting some type of health care. Difficulties ranged from surgery to mental health needs to eyeglasses. A co-author of the study judiciously advised: "Ability to pay is the most important factor in obtaining health care."

Wimpy's no wimp - Asserting they've seen "a great improvement in customer confidence," the British owners of the Wimpy franchise chain in England have resumed using English beef. McDonald's and Burger King said they're not sure the "mad cow" disease scare is over and they'll wait a while.

Talk about `Mad Cow' - McDonald's will spend $100 million to hype and hustle its new Arch DeLuxe, a dressed-up cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato. In a three-pronged launch, they rented New York's Radio City Music Hall, Hollywood's Pacific Cinerama Dome and the Sky Dome in Toronto to present a 70-foot-tall model of the burger.

McShyster - In London, McDonald's is suing two London Greenpeace activists for libel for distributing a leaflet charging it promotes an unhealthy diet, underpays is workers, is antiunion, and more.

In the trial, now in its second year, one McD exec testified that the food is nutritious because it includes "nutrients," and that Coca Cola is nutritious because it includes water, "part of a balanced diet."

No more smoke-filled rooms? - Rep. John Boehner said that after being queried by two new members of the House, he's stopped distributing campaign checks from the tobacco lobby on the House floor. He can understand why someone might be upset. "It sure doesn't look good," he said.

Thought for the week - "Christ did not promise a chicken in every pot or the elimination of poverty in our lifetime." -

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, arguing that socialism and "Christian virtues" are incompatible.  
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